Collateral Damage

(St. James Security Book 3)

When Danger Follows You

(St. James Security Book 2)

St. James Security

Books 1- 3

When Trouble Finds You

(St. James Security Book 1)

Includes When Trouble Finds You, When Danger Follows You, and Collateral Damage.

Serena Richmond
Twelve months ago my life was irrevocably changed when my fiancé, Blake, died in a car accident. Instead of grieving, I’ve poured myself into our company, Richmond St. James Investments. But that’s no longer an option, as things are happening around me that I can’t explain. And just when I’m at my breaking point, the last person I expected to see steps back into my life, changing it forever.

Alex St. James
The mission: protect Serena Richmond, my dead brother’s fiancée. On the surface, it seems simple: keep her safe from harm. But it’s not that simple. The problem? Blake kept secrets from her, secrets that threaten her in a way she’ll never see coming. And it’s going to take everything I have to keep her safe, even if it means losing the one thing I vowed to never give up.


Blood, violence.

Madison “Mads” Hawkins

A one-night stand. That’s all it was supposed to be. Then, my world is turned upside down when my father insists I need a bodyguard. I disagree. All it will do is mess up my carefully curated life. I’m a grown woman—I don’t need protection. But then a certain mysterious, older man tells me he’s my new bodyguard.

Isaac “Ike” Harrison

As second in command at St. James Security, my days are filled with protecting my clients. Most days, it’s pretty easy. Then a certain sultry woman walks through my door, and I know I’m in trouble. I couldn’t keep my hands off her sweet curves last night and today she can’t be bothered to take her protective detail seriously. But as the situation threatens to boil over, she has no choice—she has to trust me. Or else she might not like the consequences.


Blood, violence, kidnapping.

When Bethany was hired at St. James Security, I knew I needed to make her mine. But that was easier said than done because of Ike, Bethany’s brother, who just so happens to also be my boss. If Ike were to find out about my feelings for his sister, he’d end me. Eventually, though, I threw caution to the wind and let my need for her overrule my common sense. I don’t regret it, as the heat between us turned scorching hot in a hurry.

Then the unthinkable happened.


Blood, violence, human trafficking.